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Day 4 - Playing Hooky

After our third ski day extravaganza we took a breather. Then it was the weekend, which we try to avoid at the pass and then it was Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Ian went back to work the following week. I wasn't sure how to manage Magnus by myself at the slopes successfully.

The next good opportunity was going to be Jan 2nd when as far as I thought I knew Magnus went back to daycare, but Emery would still have an extra day before school started Jan 3rd.

As we drove Magnus to daycare we noticed all the school parking lots filled and the school zone lights flashing. I double checked and sure enough Emery was suppose to be on her way to school. Problem was we didn't have any of her school stuff, no lunch packed. I asked Emery if she would rather be late to school or just skip it and go skiing.

She picked skiing :-)

So we stuck to our plan and got on the road up to the slopes for a girls days skiing.

We had a nice start doing several runs. There hadn't been any fresh snow all week. It took more from us to control our runs. We were ready for a lodge break after a bit. Ian was willing to pick up Magnus, so rested before ramping up for night skiing...we thought.

While chatting with Ian on the phone he reminded us that night skiing wasn't every night. This was a Tuesday. Night skiing was in fact Wed-Sun only. We only had 30 min left before Stevens closed!

We quickly rushed back out and wondered if we could make 3 more runs. We hustled up and down and actually made 4 runs :-) The snow really started to come down!

As we taking our skis off to walk back to the car we chatted with a Stevens employee who said the staff had all agreed that morning that slope conditions weren't ideal, so this heavy snow was much welcomed and typically January is the start of the best of the season. That made us feel hopeful for fun skiing ahead.

So grateful for the Rav. We had a safe happy drive home.

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