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  • Alexandra Chapman

Day 2 on the Slopes

The second day always feels like a breeze compared to the first day of gathering all the gear and getting the logistics fresh in mind.

We still didn't get up and out until 10am. Magnus got happily dropped at daycare again before everyone else got up, but then once back we rallied forces, duplicating wins from the day before and remembering to add in the things we wished we had had.

It was a beautiful day on the slopes. Our skis were on snow by 12pm. Whereas the first day had Emery (and me) getting our ski legs back, today we were able to start right out on Daisy.

Emery and Cai took off together and Ian stuck with me giving us some nice time together.

Knowing we only had until 3/3:30 in order to be sure were back in time to get Magnus by 5:30, we tried to stay on the snow the whole time stopping in the lodge only for necessary bathroom breaks.

Towards the end of our time Ian and Cai went on a new lift and Emery and I skied a little big together. Emery showed me the special routes and bumps she had been having fun on. I had seen her doing awesome on these, but this time when I videoed her, someone came close and it slowed her speed show she couldn't make the bump. I ended up taking my skis off to help her get her skis off so she could hike back up and try again. She rocked it that time.

Meanwhile the run the Ian and Cai went on aparently had lots of moguls and some more rugged terrain overall. Ian said Cai stayed upright and took it all in stride very well.


There was a beautiful sunset on the way home and we were all satisfied with an awesome day on the slopes.

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