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Hi, I'm Alex Chapman, owner and founder of AndraPaige Designs.

When I was little I thought I had two middle names and I told everyone so. Everyone always called me Alex, but I knew my full name was "Alex Andra Paige Browning". Thus my two middle names were deductively Andra and Paige (thought my 2-year old self).


My mom finally caught wind of this from my daycare and explained to me that my full first name is Alexandra and my middle name is Paige. The facts of my identity were thenceforth cleared up, but I always remembered the brief time I proudly thought I had two middle names. I held "AndraPaige" in my heart and used it from time to time for emails and user names.

When I needed to name my graphic design business I went through a couple variations anchored in my last name at the time. Last names come and go, but there is something that will always be mine: AndraPaige. It's been a solid foundation to build on.

What is your story?

What is truly and undeniably you? Let's bring it to our work together.

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