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Merry Christmas Cai!
I  made you a song called YOU.
I love you,   



You are the one that makes my heart be good and happy

You are the one that gives love and kindness to our family

Our heart gives us the energy to love others

To you you you

You can make everyone be happy all around the world 


You are loving

You are kind

You, you, oh you


You are kind, oh yes you are

And your name is Cai!


You, you, you

You are the one

You are the very one

You are the special one

You, oh you are the special one


You make everyone happy 

Making it the best


You are the one that always makes me happy

You, oh you, oh you

You always, you always make me happy


And you are the one 

You give the heart

You give the heart 

You give the heart to the world

You are the kind heart of the world

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